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Since more than 25 years we are the leading supplier of unpacking machines for the recovery of products from packaging material. Our reclaiming systems allow clean separation of wrapping material from its contents.

Product-Recovery Machines from Leu-Tronic stand for better environmental friendly handling of waste and reduced costs in regard to waste disposal. Many companies in the confectionery and food industry are already taking advantage of the Leu-Tronic PACK-SAVER machines.

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The PACK-SAVER Line of recovery equipment is designed to automatically separate a wide range of products from its wrapping material.




Many well-known and multinational companies in the food- and confectionery industry are already successfully working with the PACK-SAVER range of machines.



Solid products which are usually broken during the separation work mostly allow re-processing. This results in huge cost savings. Only one operator will be needed to control a PACK-SAVER line. This is an important issue regarding pay-back of investment.



Clean separation of product and packaging material from incorrect packaging.

Many well-known producers in the food and confectionery industry are committed to "sustainable production" with all...

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A new system for the recovery of sweets from re-work has been supplied to a multinational confectionery and food group. The hard candies individually wrapped in OPP film and these in turn in units of...

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Additional orders from multinational confectionery manufacturer for recovery of chocolate bars.

After some years of successful operation at a subsidiary of an international confectionery...

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