New PACK-SAVER installed in South America

A new system for the recovery of sweets from re-work has been supplied to a multinational confectionery and food group. The hard candies individually wrapped in OPP film and these in turn in units of 10 as stick packs are unpacked again by the PACK-SAVER and then melted down. The dissolved mass is then being used again for the production of new candies.

The machine installed in South America was purchased because, due to a change in the film material, larger quantities of rejects result from the packaging machines. Unpacking was laboriouslydone by hand until then.

Crucial to the order of a PACK-SAVER was the fact that in the same group already a plant of Leu-Tronic in Russia for the same candies works very satisfactorily.

The now delivered system was equipped with an Alen Bradley PLC and safety category 3 accordingto internal guidelines. The Pack-Saver is designed for a capacity of about 150kg per hour and is operated by only 1 person. As a result, the amortization costs are achieved within a very short time.

The same group has commissioned further systems for worldwide use for the recovery of biscuits and chocolate products.