Many coffee roasters have opted for a PACK-SAVER line, and our concept and the cost savings that can be achieved with it have ultimately convinced. We want to present you the most important arguments in the following summary.


 1. TASK. 

Coffee in capsules are each subject to a separation of "product / packaging material". The purity of the unpacked coffee is of subordinate importance. It is important to unpack as many capsules as possible in the shortest possible time.


The capsules are mainly obtained in loose form, i.e. in existing containers with a volume of approx. 1 m3. In exceptional cases, the capsules are packed in cartons with 16 pieces. Processing of garbage bags is not possible.


The PACK-SAVER is perfectly suited for the de fi ned task. Only the point “capacity” is likely to have to be reduced. Machines that have been delivered to date work with an average hourly output of around 10,000 capsules.


In doing so, however, it is important to ensure that the greatest possible degree of purity occurs during the separation process. This default is not set for the current project. It is therefore possible to achieve an hourly output of approx. 18-20,000 capsules.


In the context of many years of activity in the field of product recovery machines, LEU-TRONIC can fall back on proven construction concepts. These meet the current norms in the field of hygiene and safety standards.


A coffee roastery is not a recycling company that works with hard bandages and occasionally disregards safety standards. This is the decisive reason why we refrain from installing a shredder upstream of our PACK-SAVER for performance reasons. The risks here are diverse and we are not responsible for them.


An essential aspect of a higher achievable capacity is the prior opening of the capsules while maintaining the current size of the PACK-SAVER, i.e. before the capsules get into the sorting chamber of the unpacking machine. The size of this chamber is designed so that approximately 10,000 capsules can be separated per hour. This includes opening the capsules. The "solution core" therefore consists of a previous pre-shredding.

Instead of a shredder, a “grid matrix” is integrated between the outlet of the horizontal dosing screw and the inclined feed screw. The two worm threads are dimensioned so large that the capsules are pressed through the die and thus partially or completely opened. Thus, the PACK-SAVER basically only has to separate the product and the packaging material, but not the opening. For this reason, a significantly higher performance is achieved than in the standard version.


In the case of coffee in particular, the relationship to the proportion of packaging material is very wide. With a shredder, both fractions are created as a “big pile”. It is therefore more difficult to separate this product mix properly.


The Pack-Saver separates approx. 80 - 90% of the packaging material from the product before it even falls on the sieve, ie there is a relatively small amount of packaging material in the product. This considerably simplifies a subsequent screening.


The subject of “cleaning” was also raised. Our machine is easily accessible. All cleaning hatches, doors etc. are electrically locked. There are no sharp parts / knives etc. that could lead to injury.

The system we prefer can be “pulled out of the drawer” in terms of design. A SIEMENS PLC control is part of our solution. This makes it easily possible to include a downstream scale, for example. So you get an already existing, tried and tested concept, equipped with the highest safety standards.


We once made a guideline offer and dimensioned the storage container for the screw feeder with a capacity of 1,000 liters. This means that no separate lifting and tilting station would be required if the containers can be emptied directly with the forklift. We then control the system of the figure that a lid or similar must be opened above the reservoir. Only then is filling possible. At the same time, the screw feed stops while all other machine components continue to run. If direct loading of the storage container is not possible, we can also supply a hydraulic lift and tilt station.


Sustainability and ethics are very closely related. If you have to dispose of it, then the product and packaging material are separated.


Your savings:
1. Refund of coffee tax
2. Lower disposal costs


Contact us and we will create your individual unpacking concept!