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New PACK-SAVER installed in South America

A new system for the recovery of sweets from re-work has been delivered to a multinational confectionery and food company. The hard candies, individually wrapped in OPP film and these in turn in units of 10 as stick packs, are unpacked again by the PACK-SAVER and then melted down. The material is then used to make new candies.

The machine installed in South America was purchased because a change in the film material resulted in larger amounts of rejects from the packaging systems. Up to this point, unpacking was laboriously carried out by hand.

One of the decisive factors in ordering a PACK-SAVER was the fact that a Leu-Tronic system in Russia is already working very satisfactorily in the same group for the same sweets.

The system that has now been delivered was equipped with an Alen Bradley PLC and safety category 3 in accordance with internal company specifications. The Pack-Saver is designed for a capacity of approx. 150kg per hour and is only operated by 1 person. This means that the amortization costs are achieved in a very short time.

The same group has ordered further recovery machines for use around the world for unpacking baked goods and chocolate products.

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